We have a variety of new accessories for all your water testing needs. There are cuvettes to store your test samples, pipettes for fine measurements and transportation, and hard carrying cases to protect your Milwaukee meters.

Also check out our MP810 Dosing Pump, perfect for your aquarium.



Milwaukee MP810 Dosing Pump


Milwaukee MA6370 Hard Carrying Case for MW Portable Meters


Milwaukee MA750 Hard Carrying Case


Milwaukee MA800 Protective Case for Refractometer and Photometers


Milwaukee Mi0026 200 ul Pipette


Milwaukee Mi0024 1000 ul Pipette


Milwaukee Mi0022 2000 ul Pipette


Milwaukee Mi0021 20 mL Beaker 4 pcs


Milwaukee Mi0020 50 mL Beakers 4 pcs


Milwaukee Mi0011 10mL Glass Cuvette for Mi415 (2 pcs)


Milwaukee Mi0012 Cuvette Caps for Mi0011 Glass Cuvettes (2 pcs)


Milwaukee Mi0013 Stopper for Mi0011 Glass Cuvette (2 pcs)


Milwaukee Mi0014 Cuvet Caps for Wine Colorimeter 2 pcs


Milwaukee Mi0001 Glass Cuvette 10mL 2 pcs


Milwaukee Mi0002 Cuvette Cap for Mi0001 Cuvettes (2 pcs)


Milwaukee Mi0003 Cuvette Stopper for Mi0001 Cuvettes (2 pcs)