question sms122_ph_controller
Hey What are you doing here THE SMS122 and MA957 Pages are elsewhere.  This is only for our special customers who received the sale link.  OK who cares come on in since you found the sms122 co2 controller and ma957 Hidden Top Secret Sale Page.

This page we may eventually list our super specials to our repeat customers on items like the

Milwaukee instruments MA957.  This is a outstanding CO2 regulator that has withstood the stand of time.    The Ma957 carries a 6 month warranty.

What other items may we put on special here hmmm maybe the sm500 as that is this years hot seller in the aquarium industry.  Also home water testing this seems to be a product a lot of people are using.   The sm500 by Milwaukee is an orp tester and meter.  A great quality for an unbelievable price.The SM500 is a low cost portable ORP Meter. The meter comes complete with the MA921B/1 ORP electrode. The probe for the MA957 co2 regulator is the ma911/b/1 or ma911b/2

MC122 or SMS122

Well the sms122 ph controller is another one of our favorite items for the aquarium.