Milwaukee MW600 Smart DO Meter (Old SM600)

Milwaukee Instruments
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Milwaukee Instruments MW600 Smart Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter (Old SM600)


Included Accessories

1 - Polargraphic Dissolved Oxygen Probe for this Milwaukee DO Meter (MA840)

2 - Spare Membranes

1 - 20 mL bottle of electrolyte solution

1 - Calibration Screwdriver

1 - 9V battery

1 - Instruction Manual

  • New and Improved version of the Milwaukee SM600
  • Quick and accurate measurements
  • Milwaukee MW600 DO Meter Battery operated
  • Large and easy to read LED display
  • Small, Ergonomic, Light case design
  • Special, easy to use, open air calibration procedure
  • Low battery indicator
  • Fast Processor with New Chipset & Motherboard installed
  • Long Battery life

    The Milwaukee MW600 is a Dissolved Oxygen meter ideal for use in school laboratories. Dissolved Oxygen measurements are also very important in fish farms and ponds, where Oxygen levels are continuously monitored to obtain optimal reproduction.

  • Note: We ship only to the USA and Canada.

    The Milwaukee SM models have been advanced to the Innovative "MW" models!

    Milwaukee Instruments applied science section has totally reformulated and redesigned the "SM" portable economy meter group.

    The innovative "MW" product group each has these new or improved features: Faster Processor with the new chipset & motherboard. Smaller, ergonomic & light weight case design. 100% larger & easier to readinterpret LED display. Simpler & quicker to calibrate. Longer battery life

    The Milwaukee MW600 calibrates easily in 2 points (at 100% saturated air and in 0 Oxygen solution) and has Automatic Temperature Compensation which guarantees the highest accuracy.

    The low battery warning, easy to replace screw on cap membranes make this meter very simple to operate. Rugged Carrying Case (Optional) provides handy on-site meter calibration and measurements.


    Specifications of the Milwaukee Instruments MW600 DO Meter

    O2 Range 0.0 to 19.0 mg/L
    Resolution 0.1 (ppm/ mg/L)
    Accuracy (@25°C) ±1.5% Full Scale
    Calibration Procedure Open Air
    Positions 2 Points Manual (0 - 100%)
    Environment 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 95%
    Battery Type

     In my opinion for testing water this is the Dissolved Oxygen Meter to have as it is very easy to use.   Great for measuring yout fish tank and aquarium water parameters.

    Replacment supplies for the DO Meter Optional Accessories
    MA840 - Milwaukee MA840 Polargraphic Dissolved Oxygen Probe
    MA841 - Milwaukee MA841 Spare Membrane for SM600 (5 Membranes & "O" Rings to package)
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