Setting up the pH controller

Milwaukee Instruments
  • Description

Setting up this unit is actually pretty simple. The SMS122 is pre-calibrated but we like to tell all of our customers to check again as the lives of your fish are worth it.

  • Test your current pH in your tank.  This is vital as you do not want to set to low of a set point in your tank and shock your fish and make them go belly up.  I generally make it .2 degrees lower than the current pH if this is a tolerable set point for the inhabitants.  After a few days if you want to go lower then only do .1 increments in pH drops.
  • Calibrate the SMS122
  • Plug in the unit that has the plug adapter to the wall.
  • Plug in your CO2 regulators solenoid.  We use the MA957 here as it is a reliable aquatic regulator.
  • Place the probe in the water near water flow.  This ensures proper readings on the instrument.
  • Turn on your controller and let stabilize.  Now turn on your regulator.
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