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Milwaukee Instruments MW500 ORP Meter for water testing (Replaces SM500)


Testing the Negative Properties of drinking water and fish tanks has never been easier with the Milwaukee Instrument ORP meter.  The MW500 meter makes a great addition to your water testing arsenal.

MW500 performs ORP measurements with a range of ±1000 mV. Compact pH, ORP and Temperature Portable Meters with Faster Micro Processor. These handy and ergonomically designed portable meters are ideal for anyone working on a low budget and still requires fast and reliable measurements. These portable meters are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as Educational, Agriculture and Horticulture, as well as water and environmental analysis. These easier and faster to calibrate portable meters have a smaller, ergonomic and lighter case design. Other features include 100% larger and easier to read LED Display and long battery life.

Supplied with a MA921B/1 Platinum Electrode amd 1 X 9V Battery.

Milwaukee pH/ORP Meter Maintenance and Storage:

• To prolong the life of the electrode, place a small, clean sponge or tissue in the bottom of the cap, and pour some electrode storage solution (or pH 4 buffer) into the cap.
• Never let probe dry and Never use distilled/deionized water for storage purposes.

Important Note: The SM500 is discontinued and replaced with the new MW500. The new "MW" product group all have these new or improved features: Faster Processor with the new chipset amp; motherboard. Smaller, ergonomic amp; lighter case design. 100% larger amp; easier to read LED display. Easier and faster to calibrate. Longer battery life.

Note: We ship only to the USA and Canada.

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