Combination Meters

The Milwaukee Instruments Combo Meters can measure a variety of things including water ORP (Oxidation Redux Potential), pH measurement along with other things such as TDS, EC, and Temperature for plants, saltwater or freshwater aquariums, and any bodies of water.

These water testers do a variety of tasks. Make sure you choose the right combo meter for your application. Our best selling TDS Meters are the MW802 and MW801. We also have lab grade units available as well for more precision water testing in many applications including instructions on how to measure Kangen ORP water testing and aquariums.

The Milwaukee Instruments MW500 with SE300 with BNC Probe along with the MW101, MW100 or MW102 all are great additions.

Note: We ship to the USA and Canada only.


Milwaukee MI180-US pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl/Temperature Bench Meter

Water Tester

Milwaukee pH58 Waterproof pH/ORP/ºC/ºF Tester


Milwaukee MW802 Smart PH/EC/TDS Combined Meter


Milwaukee MW801 PH/EC/TDS Meter


Milwaukee MW402 Portable Economy Conductivity/TDS Meter


Milwaukee Mi806 Waterproof pH/EC/TDS/T Meter


Milwaukee Mi805 Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter


Milwaukee Mi306 Automatic and Logging EC/TDS/NaCl Temp Meter

Now Only

Milwaukee Mi151-US pH/ORP/Temperature Combo Bench Meter


Milwaukee Mi160-US pH/ORP/ISE/Temp Bench Meter


Milwaukee Mi150-US pH/Temp Bench Meter, Martini


Milwaukee Mi106 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter


Milwaukee Mi105 pH / Temperature Water Meter


Milwaukee EC60 Combination EC/TDS/Temp Tester


Milwaukee EC59 EC/TDS/Temp Tester


T75 Milwaukee Waterproof TDS / Temp Tester with Replaceable Electrode


Milwaukee MW100 pH/ C + MW500 ORP Meter/Solution Combo for Ionized/Alkaline Water Testing


Milwaukee pH56 Waterproof pH/ºC/ºF Tester


Milwaukee pH55 Waterproof pH/ºC/ºF Tester


Milwaukee MW101 Smart pH/C Temp Meter