Replacement Probes

If you're looking for replacement BNC probes for any type of water testing meter, you're in the right spot.

Most probes with the BNC type connector are cross compatible with different units such as Hannah Instruments, Milwaukee Instruments, Fluke testing equipment, etc.  If your replacement probe is cross compatible with a different unit, do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail.

We offer replacement pH probes and ORP probes, as well as variety of other ones.

Note: We ship to the USA and Canada only.


Milwaukee SE600 Replaceable pH/EC/TDS Combination Probe for MW801/MW802


Milwaukee SE520 EC TDS Replacement Probe


Milwaukee SE510 EC Conductivity TDS Probe


Milwaukee SE300 Replacement Probe for MW500 ORP Meter


Milwaukee Mi59p Replaceable Probe for EC59 and EC60 EC/TDS/Temp Meter


Milwaukee Mi58p pH/ORP/Temp Probe Replacement


Milwaukee Mi57p Replacement ORP/Temp Probe for ORP57


Milwaukee Mi56p Replacement pH/Temp Probe for pH55/pH56


Milwaukee MA924B/1 ORP Glass Electrode Replacement

Now Only

Milwaukee MA923D/1 Replaceable Amplified pH/ORP/Temperature Probe


Milwaukee MA923B/3 ORP Electrode for Swimming Pool


Milwaukee MA921B/2 Double Junction ORP Platinum Electrode with 2 m Cable


Milwaukee MA920B/1 Combined pH Electrode with Free Diffusion Layer Junction


Milwaukee MA914BR/1 All-in-One pH/Degree C Amplified Probe


Milwaukee MA851D/1 pH/EC/TDS/Temp Probe


Milwaukee MA841 DO Spare Membranes x5 and O Rings


Milwaukee MA840 Dissolved Oxygen Probe


Milwaukee MA831R Temperature Probe Stainless Steel Replacement


Milwaukee MA830R Replaceable Temperature Probe


Milwaukee MA814D/1 4 Ring Conductivity EC/TDS/Temp Probe


Milwaukee MA813D/1 EC Conductivity TDS Probe


Milwaukee MA812D/1 Conductivity EC TDS Probe


Milwaukee MA811D/1 Conductivity TDS Probe


Milwaukee MA73076 EC TDS Probe


Milwaukee MA73075 EC/TDS Probe for C65/T75