Milwaukee CO2 Regulators are ideal for maintaining proper pH in a saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Having ideal CO2 levels in a freshwater tank will increase aquarium plant growth and provide an ideal living habitat/ecosystem for your fish.

Using the MC122 CO2 controller you can maintain proper levels of carbon dioxide which will also help to maintain a proper pH and decrease fluctuating pH levels, which can have drastic effects on your animals' health.

Note: We ship to the USA and Canada only.

Milwaukee MA955 Solenoid Valve for CO2 Dosing

Milwaukee Instruments MA955 Solenoid Valve for CO2 Dosing

MA957 CO2 Regulator/Solenoid/Bubble Counter

Milwaukee MA957 CO2 regulator has adjustable flow pressure regulator with solenoid diaphragm valve

Milwaukee MC122 pH Controller

Milwaukee MC122 CO2 PH Smart Controller w/ Calibration Solution