Milwaukee Light Meter

The new portable MW700 Milwaukee light meter is great for measuring the light output or lux inside and outside of freshwater or saltwater aquariums.


SW700 by Milwaukee Instruments is now replaced with the MW700 with Waterproof Probe


Range 0.000 - 1999 Lux
2000 - 19999 Lux
20000 - 50000 Lux
Range setting Manual through key buttons
Resolution 1 Lux
10 Lux
100 Lux
Accuracy ± 6% of reading ± 1 digit
Peak wave length 560 nm
Sensor type Silicon Photodiode
Sensor sensitivity 100 scotopic LUX
Sensor stability ± 2% change per year
(in the first two years)
Battery/Life 1 x 9V/150 hours continuous use
Environment 0 to 50°C; RH 95%

  • Probe is fully submersible in fresh or saltwater down to 1 meter.


Milwaukee MW700 Lux Lightmeter with Waterproof Probe

Milwaukee MW700 Lux Light Meter with Waterproof Probe is a quality light tester for freshwater and saltwater applications.