Reagents Kit

<!--StartFragment -->All of our reagents are specifically made for Colorimeters.

Be sure to choose the correct Milwaukee reagent based off your model of colorimeters to get the correct readings required in your water testing endeavors.



Milwaukee Mi504-100 Reagent Kit 100 Tests, Free and Total Chlorine for MI404 Photometer


Milwaukee Mi515-100 Reagent Test Kit for Turbidity Meter 30mL Bottle x3


Milwaukee Mi590-021 Peroxides Reagents Tests


Milwaukee Mi514-100 Reagent Kit for Chlorides Photometer (100 Tests)


Milwaukee RL2720115 Reagent Replacement Phosphate Test Kit 25 Packets


Milwaukee RL2720116 Reagent Replacement Free Chlorine Kit 25 Packets


Milwaukee RL2720216 Reagent Replacement Total Chlorine Kit 25 Tests


Milwaukee RL2720316 Iodine Reagent Test Kit 25 Packets


Milwaukee RL2720416 Iron Reagent Kit 25 Tests


Milwaukee Mi505-100 Reagent Kit, 100 Tests, Ammonia, Mid Range, for MI405 photometer


Milwaukee Mi506-100, Reagent Kit for 100 Tests, Free Chlorine, for MI406 Photometer


Milwaukee Mi507-100 Low Range Ammonia Photometer, Nesslers Reagent


Milwaukee Mi508-100 Reagent Kit 100 Tests, Iron


Milwaukee Mi509-100 pH Reagent Kit 100 Tests


Milwaukee Mi511-100 Reagent Test Kit for pH Total Chlorine Unit


Milwaukee Mi512-100 Reagent Kit for 100 Tests, Low Range Phosphate, for MI412


Milwaukee Mi513-045 Reagent Test Kit for High Range Free and Total Chlorine Unit