Portable Colorimeters



Martini colorimeters put the accuracy and reliability of lab instruments in your hand and they are created for a long working life in hard conditions.

Features include:
- Factory programmed
- No manual calibration
- Easy to use
- Large digits on a clear LCD

All models are supplied in a rugged carrying case including
2 cuvets, reagents, wiping tissue, battery and instruction manual.

Note: We ship to the USA and Canada only.


Milwaukee Mi404 Free and Total Chlorine Colorimeter


Milwaukee Mi405 Ammonia Mid-Range Photometer


Milwaukee Mi406 Free Chlorine Colorimeter


Milwaukee Mi407 Ammonia Low Range Photometer


Milwaukee Mi408 Iron High Range Photometer


Milwaukee Mi411 pH, Free and Total Chlorine Photometer

Now Only

Milwaukee Mi412 Phosphate Low Range Photometer


Milwaukee Mi413 Free and Total High Range Chlorine Colorimeter


Milwaukee - Mi414 Chloride Photometer


Milwaukee Mi415 Turbidity Meter

Now Only

Milwaukee Mi490 Peroxide Value Photometer


Milwaukee MW14 Iron High Range Mini-Colorimeter


Milwaukee MW13 Iodine Mini-Colorimeter


Milwaukee MW12 Phosphate Low Range Mini-Colorimeter


Milwaukee MW11 Total Chlorine Mini-Colorimeter


Milwaukee MW10 Free Chlorine Mini-Colorimeter


Milwaukee Mi106 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter


Milwaukee Mi605 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Milwaukee Mi805 Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter


Milwaukee Mi806 Waterproof pH/EC/TDS/T Meter