Lab Grade Ph Meters

We offer a variety of quality pH testers that can be used for aquariums or out in the field.

About pH: The pH value of a solution is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity. A basic, neutral solution measures 7 on the pH scale. As a solution gets more acidic, the pH value will decrease. As the solution becomes less acidic, or more alkaline, the value will increase. The pH scale ranges from 0 pH (very acid) to 14 pH (highly alkaline). Pure water has a pH of 7, indicating that it is neither acidic nor alkaline, but neutral.

Note: We ship only to the USA and Canada.


Milwaukee pH55 Waterproof pH/ºC/ºF Tester


Milwaukee pH56 Waterproof pH/ºC/ºF Tester


Milwaukee Mi106 pH/ORP/Temperature Meter


Milwaukee Mi105 pH / Temperature Water Meter


Milwaukee BEM101 pH Mini-Bench Meter