Calibration Solution

Milwaukee Instruments standard calibration solutions are available in 220ml bottles and 20ml sachets.

Traditional buffer calibration solutions are packed in 220ml leak-proof bottles and are recommended for lab application.

Milwaukee sachets are sealed against light and air and are ideal for on-the-spot calibration. Simply open, insert the tester or electrode into the sachet and calibrate. Sachets are sold in boxes of 25 pieces.

Conductivity calibration solutions are used to confirm and adjust the accuracy of meters and electrodes in agricultural, industrial, or scientific environments. A calibration solution is used to calibrate instrumentation for accuracy in aquaculture, hydroponics, waste water treatment, and for scientific applications. It is necessary to use a calibration solution similar in dissolved solids content to the solution to be tested in order to get acceptable accuracies. Calibration solution should be at the same temperature as the test solution to minimize temperature effect errors. Conductivity is the ability of a material or solution to conduct an electrical current. Milwaukee Instruments manufactures electrochemical instrumentation and solutions for water analysis under the Milwaukee and Martini brands.



Milwaukee M10000B Deionized Water Rinse Solution x25


Milwaukee M10007B pH 7.01 Buffer Solution 20mL x25


Milwaukee M10010B pH Buffer Solution 20mL x25


Milwaukee M10442B 1500 ppm TDS Calibration Solution, 20mL x25


Milwaukee M10080B 800 ppm TDS Calibration Solution 20mL x25


Milwaukee M10038 6.44 ppt TDS Solution, 20ml x25


Milwaukee M10032B 1382 ppm TDS Solution, 25x20ml


Milwaukee M10031B 1413 mS/cm Conductivity Calibration Solution, 20mL x25


Milwaukee M10030B 12.880 mS/cm Conductivity Calibration Solution 20mL x 25


Milwaukee M1000AB Buffer Solution Mix Pack 20mL


Milwaukee M10004B - 20ml Packet 4.01 Buffer Solution (25/Cs)


Milwaukee: MA9062 1382 ppm TDS Solution 230 mL


Milwaukee MA9061 1413 mS/cm Calibration Solution 230mL


Milwaukee MA9070 Zero Oxygen Calibration Solution, 220mL


Milwaukee MA9011 pH/ORP Refillable Electrolyte Solution


Milwaukee MA9071 Oxygen Membrane Electrolyte Refill Solution, 220mL


Milwaukee Mi555-003 Alkaline Reagent for Total SO2 x4 100 mL Bottles


Milwaukee Mi555-004 Acid Reagent for Total SO2 x4 100 mL Bottles


Milwaukee Mi555-002 Titrant SO2 for Mi455 (100mL)


Milwaukee Mi555-001 Calibration Solution SO2 for Mi455 (500mL)


Milwaukee Mi556-001 Calibration Standard Total Acidity 100 mL Bottle


Milwaukee Mi555-006 Stabilizer SO2 80 pp


Milwaukee Mi556-002 Titrant Total Acidity 100 mL Bottle


Milwaukee Mi556-004 Buffer pH 8.2 Total Acidity 100 mL Bottle


Milwaukee Mi556-003 Buffer pH 7.0 for Total Acidity 100 mL Bottle