Testing Drinking Water pH

Milwaukee Instruments
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Water has many properties that affect our bodies. Whether it is drinking, tap, reverse osmosis it will all have a negative or positive pH. PH is a basic indicator of acid or alkaline state.

Remember in school your science class?  Hmmm not so much?  Well a little refresher for you.

  • Lemon- 2.5
  • Coffee- 5-6.5
  • Milk- 6.2
  • Soapy water- 7-10
  • Beer- 4.5 (ok they probably did not teach you this one)

    Anyway many Doctors and health concerned people believe that having a positive pH Alkaline state in your own body will promote wellness.  Do a search for Kangen water for more details.  Our testers are easy to use, calibrate occasionally and just place in, and you have your pH tested in seconds.

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