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Customer confused on setting up the Milwaukee unit

6:57:52 AM [kevin kennedy] when i plug my ma957 into the sms122, nothing is happening. it seems like the plug on the sms 122 is not working. I calibrated the sms 122 on initial set up but was never able to get the c02 working with the use of the milwaukee ph controller.
6:58:14 AM [Jason G] hello
6:58:30 AM [kevin kennedy] hi
6:58:35 AM [Jason G] what is your current ph in your tank
6:58:44 AM [kevin kennedy] 6.5
6:58:49 AM [Jason G] what is your set point
6:59:02 AM [kevin kennedy] 6.5
6:59:24 AM [Jason G] the unit will not turn on will that set point is reached exactly
6:59:32 AM [Jason G] Try bumping it to 6.4
7:00:34 AM [Jason G] 6.5 is when it will turn off the co2
7:00:54 AM [kevin kennedy] ok, is the red light on the unit supposed to turn on when i turn the knob down
7:02:56 AM [Jason G] hmm not sure on this as i am @ home and just happened to forget to turn off live chat :)     the way the sms 122 works is you make a set point of what you do not want the ph to go below   6.5 in your case.   The sms122 will not powere your solonoid on your regulator  until the ph on your tank has made it to 6.6 and then automatically turn it off @ 6.5 again providing a stable ph
7:05:24 AM [kevin kennedy] Ok, I am pretty shure I must have messed up the initial set up as c02 intro to my tank is new to me. i will try to get it right. perhaps i have to re-calibrate it?
7:08:10 AM [Jason G] yes the calibration now is with the solution 7.0 that is to get the unit set up so it is dead on on what 7.0 is
7:08:22 AM [Jason G] use the screwdriver for that
7:08:42 AM [Jason G] for the set point that's were you use the dial for the sms122 to  make your set point
7:10:07 AM [Jason G]  the ph set point you do not want the ph to go below since your regulator will automatically turn off due to the ph controller ( sms 122 milwaukee controller stops the flow of electricity to your regulator (MA957)
7:11:02 AM [kevin kennedy] ok, so i turn the calibration down to 6.5, do i need solution for this
7:11:38 AM [Jason G] no
7:11:59 AM [Jason G] No Calibrate it with the solution to make it show 7.0 with the screwdriver
7:12:16 AM [Jason G] place the probe in your tank
7:12:34 AM [Jason G] turn the knob for your set point to turn the co2 off
7:12:52 AM [Jason G] base that on your existing inside tank ph
7:13:40 AM [Jason G] so once you put the probe in your tank if your tank currently is 7.0 make it 6.9 initially    You want to slowly get the fish used to the drop in ph from the addition to co2 in your aquarium
7:14:22 AM [Jason G] see initially if you calibrated it wrong ( you told me your ph was 6.5) then you would not and do not want a set point that low or you will shock your fish.
7:14:37 AM [Jason G] Would you prefer i call you i have a few minutes just checking emails this morning
7:15:32 AM [kevin kennedy] yes xxxxxxxxxx thanks
7:15:38 AM [Jason G]  calling now
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