Free Shipping on All Water TestersThe Drinking Water Tester Store with Free Shipping.  Full Range of quality Aquarium Meters and Soil Testing Equipment on sale.  Milwaukee MW500 Orp Meter for Testing Kangen drinking water negative orp levels made by Enagic Machines . Pocket Portable Combination Water Testing Meters by Hanna Instruments and Milwaukee Instruments including the sms122 co2 controller, ma957.

Master Distributor of Milwaukee Instruments and Hanna & Drinking Water Testers.  The full line includes pH meters, EC, TDS  measurement, ORP, Disolved Oxygen Testers, Waterproof Meters, Portable Combination Instruments, Conductivity Controllers, PH, home drinking water test kits,  Martini Portable Colorimeters, Soil Testers such as lusterleaf, Total Dissolved Oxygen TDS, pH for Aquarium h2o testing, food production, home h2o and soil testing for hydroponic plan growing and co2 regulators. 

Be sure to see the ma957 co2 regulator and Sale Price sms 122 ph controller for planted tanks. See Our SALE Price on Aquarium Co2 Regulator
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All of our Aquarium water testers by Milwaukee Instruments and Hanna are top of the line in quality.  These are great units for Orp testing In fish tanks.  In marine tanks that use ozone you will be assured proper dosing is occuring.  How does ph afftect orp levels in the aquaria.  It is quite simple, when the, ORP levels decreases the ph will increase. In a standard aquarium the ORP levels will change on the order of 59 mv/pH unit..

If you are testing drinking water be sure to see the Orp Water Tester that instructions for the  Milwaukee MW500 we have in stock and on sale with free shipping.  This solid wholesale Orp meter previously called the sm500 can test Orp in high and low ranges in for your home drinking water systems such as the Alkaline Water ENAGIC water filtration systems. 

Water Quality is important

Coming soon our new soil tester by lusterleaf rapidtest tests equipment and aquarium monitors carry a price match beat policy and all come with the manufacturers standard warranty policy. Wholesale Prices Available.

We do not sell Enagic testing equipment but find any items cheaper including s/h and shoot us an email and we will beat it.   If you would rather not carry the product but offer direct drop shipping drop shipping to your customer email us.  See our Overseas Shipping Policy for overseas shipping.   Drop ship and wholesale accounts available.

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The Water tester store offers many water test kits including the Hanna Instruments & Milwaukee pH meters great for saltwater aquarium testing, EC, MW500 ORP , Dissolved Oxygen Testers, Smart Waterproof Meters, TDS -  ( Total Dissolved Solids ) , Portable Combination Instruments, We offer the best wholesale and retail  best prices on, EC, CF, conductivity meters, redox potential & Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen Meters for drinking water, soil and lab testing.  Best Price on all sm500 ma957 co2 regulators and sms122 ph controllers. Sm500 orp meter in stock.


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Milwaukee Ma957 co2 regulators

All of these co2 gas regulators feature a sturdy 2 stage / dual gauge valve. 
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